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Emerald Power Sollutions are Authorized National Distributor for Panasonic VRLA batteries. We provide sales & services for Panasonic batteries on Pan India basis.

Panasonic Valve regulated lead-acid batteries employ a lead-tin-calcium base alloy for their grids, and are designed with a structure that requires no water refilling, which allows them to support an information society relying on devices such as telecommunication equipment.

The batteries have high resistance to severe use conditions such as overcharging, over discharging, vibrations, and impacts, and also possess excellent storage characteristics. Panasonic offers a product lineup that enables customers to use our batteries for a wide range of applications such as in UPSs, power tools, and electric cars and tricycles.

We also have been proactively tackling the development of products including a trickle/cycle long life type battery based on the technologies that we accumulated over many years of development to promptly respond to market demand.
Panasonic batteries are Flame retardant batteries right from 26Ah onwards. The Battery case resin is Flame-retardant (UL94V-0)


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